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Is jacuzzi or hot tub a must-have for cabins in Murphy?

Top Cabin Amenities in Murphy

Stay in a cabin should be exciting with amenities fitting your needs. Below we list some amenity statistics around the Murphy area. In Murphy, 28 rentals offer Full Kitchen, 15 rentals offer Air Conditioning, 15 rentals offer Bed linens provided. So, if you need Full Kitchen during your cabin stays, use the Full Kitchen filter to compare these cabins. Two amenities that are not typical are Pets Friendly, Garden or Backyard.

What could be a good deal for cabins in Murphy?

Cabin Rentals Price Information in Murphy

The graph shows the percentages of cabins in each price bucket. Murphy has the largest percentage (23.38%) of cabin rentals in $100 - $150 price range.
$0 to $50
$0 to $50
$50 to $100
$50 to $100
$100 to $150
$100 to $150
$150 to $200
$150 to $200
$200 to $250
$200 to $250
$250 to $300
$250 to $300
$300 to $350
$300 to $350
$350 to $400
$350 to $400
$400 to $450
$400 to $450
$450 to $500
$450 to $500
$500 +
$500 +
Is it convenient for me to bring my pets/dogs to Murphy area?
Pet/Dog Friendly Cabins Statistics in Murphy
6.88% of cabins in Murphy are pet/dog friendly. If you have pet allergies, it is important to select cabins which are not pet friendly. Make sure to use filters properly.
Which places should I visit in Murphy?
Attractions & Things To Do in Murphy

Must check places near your cabin stays in Murphy:

Trail recommendations near cabins in Murphy?
Best Trails In Murphy Near Cabins

Easy to hard trails near your cabin stay in Murphy: .

  • Fires Creek Rim Trail: 382 Cabin Rentals
  • Huckleberry Knob Trail: 206 Cabin Rentals
  • Hanging Dog Campground Trail: 281 Cabin Rentals
  • Miller Trek: 457 Cabin Rentals
  • Hooper Bald: 160 Cabin Rentals
  • Benton McKaye Trail Southbound Tellico River to Brookshire Creek: 369 Cabin Rentals
  • Sugar Mountain Trail: 140 Cabin Rentals
  • North Shoal Creek Falls: 401 Cabin Rentals
  • Sycamore Trail from Pheasant Field to Mud Gap Road: 199 Cabin Rentals
  • Whigg Ridge Trail: 354 Cabin Rentals
What are the must-visit places in Murphy?
Must See Attractions

Murphy River Walk: it's a famous hiking spot. The surrounding environment is quiet and the scenery is beautiful. You can enjoy the stream along the way. The end of the hike is an old train, which has a sense of age. The address is Hiwassee st, Konehete Park, Murphy, NC 28906

Cherokee Historical Museum: it is a local characteristic Museum. You can learn about local history. It is suggested that the tour time is about 1 hour. There are also local food shops near the museum. The museum is closed on Sundays from 9:00 to 17:00 from Monday to Friday and from 9:00 to 15:00 on Saturdays. 87 Peachtree St, Murphy, NC 28906

Fields of the wood: a local landmark, a famous religious attraction. The scenery is very spectacular, beautiful, and breathtaking, and it is an excellent scenic spot for people who are interested in religion. There are high-end shops and cafes where you can buy beautiful gifts at 10000 highway 294, Murphy, NC 28906-1871

How to plan 1 or 2 or 3-day trip itineraries in Murphy?
Trip Planning

2-Day Trip Itinerary

Day 1: Hikes along the Murphy River Walk stream, enjoying the scenery along the way, and having a rest after the hike.

Day 2: Cherokee Historical Museum - fields of the wood, after enjoying the local history in the museum, you can go to the famous religious holy land to punch in and feel the washing of the soul.

What are the travel peak seasons in Murphy?
Peak Seasons

It is a humid subtropical climate. It is hot and humid in summer, cool to moderate in winter and abundant in rainfall. The rainfall in winter is the largest and increases with the elevation. There is a large amount of snowfall in winter, and there may even be snowstorms. The best travel season is summer.

Where are the hidden gems or unique spots to visit in Murphy?
Hidden Gems

Two Crows Farm: it is a local farm with alpaca, dog, etc. it can let children contact with nature and animals. It is a good place to get close to nature. The address is 1495 Boiling Springs Rd, Murphy, NC 28906-7562

What are the activities in Murphy that are family friendly?
Family Friendly Activities

Two crows Farm: it is a local farm with alpaca, dog, etc. it lets children be close to nature and animals, and even the elderly can relax easily.

Murphy River Walk: it's a famous hiking spot. The surrounding environment is quiet and the scenery is beautiful. You can enjoy the stream along the way. The end of the hike is an old train, which has a long history. Both the elderly and the children can enjoy the views and walk comfortably along the river. 

What does the calendar look like for local events & festivals in Murphy?
Local Events & Festivals

Murphy's iris day: it's an interesting festival to celebrate Ireland's Murphy heritage, which is held every year on the St. Patrick's Day weekend. The whole town was dressed in green, with parades, singing, dancing and plenty of food for the party. Thousands of tourists flocked to see the piper, corn beef and cabbage, green beer, and all the traditional elements of the classic St. Paddy's Day celebration.

Ironstone vineyard's July 4th celebration: the premier winery in Calaveras held a spectacular Independence Day celebration in its scenic location. According to a 2012 report by ABC News, Tieshi vineyard's annual July 4 celebration and fireworks is one of the best small-town Independence Day events in the country.

What are the nightlife spots in Murphy?
Nightlife Spots

Parson's Pub: rich wine, a good atmosphere, and simple cuisine.

The daily grind and wine: the atmosphere is good and the service is considerate.

How to get around in Murphy?

Murphy can be entered through interstate 19, 74, 64, 129, or by private taxi. Between Andrews and Murphy, there is also the Western Carolina Regional Airport (also known as Murphy Airport). The nearest commercial passenger airport is Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport, which is 83 miles away.

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